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Dr. Odell S. Belger
The Expositor publisher

Dr. Odell S. Belger has been a pastor for over 40 years. Millions of his sermons have been distributed around the world over these 40 years.  

The Lord has used him to build three churches. Presently, he is the senior pastor of Lykesland Baptist Church.

He has earned three degrees: An Associates, a Bachelors degree and a Masterís degree. These degrees came from:

  South Eastern Bible College

  Columbia Bible College

  Slidell Baptist Bible college and Seminary

  Louisiana Baptist Seminary

In 1999, Great Plains Baptist College, in Sioux Falls, SD, awarded him an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree for his achievements in his inspirational writings.

Born April 15, 1943, he is married to the lovely Illa Hurlbut Belger. They have two married sons and two wonderful grandchildren.

Greetings from the Publisher,

As a pastor for over forty years I know the frustration of searching for Bible preaching materials in book stores, books, magazines, and surfing on the Internet, and trying to find Bible study helps for my weekly sermon preparation.

There are tons of materials available today, as you know, but you probably also know that much of the sermon helps that are available have no Bible outline, few Bible illustrations, and little continuity.

Another thing that frustrates many pastors is searching to find:

Sermon outlines for funerals

Soul winning sermons

Christmas sermons

Easter sermons

Thanksgiving sermons

Revival sermons

For many decades, the ministry of "The Expositor" has been providing full text sermons, with excellent homiletic format, loaded with great Bible illustrations. Because these Bible preaching materials are based on scripture, God has richly blessed this ministry.

If you are a minister dedicated to preaching the Word of God, we encourage you to consider joining the thousands of Bible preaching pastors who find these Bible helps useful each week in preparing sermons.

Thanks for visiting our web site. Please email us to let us know how we can help you.


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