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Our Doctrine

We Believe In ...
  • The Trinity of God
  • The Verbal Plenary Inspiration Of The Scriptures 
  • Justification By Faith 
  • The Bodily Resurrection Of Christ 
  • The Blood Atonement Of Christ 
  • The Personal And Imminent Return Of Christ 
  • The Virgin Birth Of Christ 
  • The Person And Work Of The Holy Spirit 
  • The Priesthood Of The Believer 
  • The Autonomy Of The Local Church 
  • Worldwide Missions 
  • Regenerated Church Membership 
  • The Personality Of Satan 
  • The Total Depravity Of Natural Man 
  • The Reality Of Heaven And Hell 
  • The Eternal Security Of The Believer 
  • Separation From The World 
  • The Two Ordinances - Baptism And Communion 

We firmly hold to the doctrines above without apology. All Bible-believing,
Bible-preaching pastors recognize that one of the great needs today on the web is for ministers of the gospel to find sermon outlines, Bible preaching 
materials, and sermon helps, that are supported by the Word of God. We produce many types of sermons. 

Old Testament sermons
New Testament sermons
Thanksgiving sermons
Christmas sermons
Easter sermons
Topical sermons
Evangelistic sermons
Revival sermons
Funeral sermons
Soul winning sermons
Expository sermons

The KJV (Authorized Version) is used in all our sermon resources without apology.


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